Lab Update #2

December 20, 2019 – 3:07 pm

All the equipment is in! Assembled the first server and tested everything and encountered issue #1.

  • The motherboard only has passive cooling. CPU went up to 100 degrees in a few minutes. 
  • Contacted SuperMicro to find out what kind of cooling I needed, and I received this response.

You will need active heatsink SNK-C0111AP4L.
You might replace it by yourself but it will void your motherboard warranty.
You can RMA the board to us and we help to replace the heatsink. It will keep the warranty.

So… A simple heat sink change will void my warranty? Food for thought if you ever go that route guys…

After asking for advice on the r/homelabs sub-reddit, I decided to simply attach a fan on top of the heat sink. Works so far, CPU remains at 42 degrees or so.

I’m working on the addressing scheme (probably will redo the whole house) and I will start building the environment afterwards.

Keep posted for the vSphere build and Active Directory guides coming up!


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