Skype For Business – Can not update OnPremLineURI as the user has dirsynced onpremise LineURI

September 24, 2017 – 5:24 pm

We had some legacy conference rooms that were renamed over the years, and as part of the infrastructure cleanup project we’re doing, I changed several attributes in the AD account to clean that up (anything that had to do with email/sip address was changed). Resync’ed with AD Connect and all worked well. Several hours later, we changed their licenses from an E3 license to a Skype Plan 2 license. From this point forward, I was unable to run “set-csuser -OnPremLineURI, as I was receiving an error message: “Can not update OnPremLineURI as the user has dirsynced onpremise LineURI.” Looking at the attributes, I could see that the OnPremLineURI and LineURI attributes were the same, and the OnPremLineURIManuallySet was “False” (as opposed to all our user accounts which have this set to “True”).

Say what? Didn’t have that problem a few hours before… So I checked everything I could and couldn’t figure out the issue, so I called Microsoft support. After a week of providing logs, answering irrelevant questions and getting nowhere, I finally got a call back from an “engineer” who told me basically there were 2 options.

  1. We stop syncing those accounts with AD Connect and they could manually update the LineURI for us <- Not acceptable.
  2. Delete the account and recreate. <- really???? For an attribute issue?

So I asked which was the on premises attribute that was converted into the LineURI and got not clear answer from them. So I tried this:

  1. Set the msRTCSIP-Line attribute (it was “not set”) to some dummy value and triggered an AD Connect sync.
  2. Checked in AD Connect to see if the attribute was properly synced and it was.
  3. Checked the online attributes with Get-CSOnlineUser for the OnPremLineURI value and it was the one I had set on premises.
  4. Cleared the attribute on premises and repeated steps 2 and 3.
  5. This time, both the OnPremLineURI and LineURI attributes were blank!
  6.  Tried running the the set-csuser -OnPremLineURI and it worked this time!

Moral of the story:

  1. Microsoft Support “Engineers” are clueless about troubleshooting anything. I have yet to understand the logic when they troubleshoot something. We’re 0/5 so far with cases we’ve opened with them, we always end up finding the solution ourselves. I had one case where while troubleshooting an Intune issue, the support engineer was taking screengrabs of the generic menus (not even our own settings – just the interface! As if he didn’t know what it was supposed to look like. Scary!)
  2. Most issues we’ve encountered so far have been attribute replication issues. Sometimes removing the licenses from the users and putting them back resolved the issues, or forcing a new value then reverting to the actual proper value (like in this case) fixes the issue.

I would have expected them to come up with this scenario as a first option, but they kept insisting that we had the attribute set on premises (which we didn’t) and that there was nothing to do.

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  2. Kudos Marc, Had a hard time with this one. reviewing all my attributes and they all looked fine. couldnt understand why I was getting “Can not update OnPremLineURI as the user has dirsynced onpremise LineURI”

    This fixed it…thx

    By Robert Young on Oct 16, 2017

  3. Glad it helped someone else. Microsoft was driving me nuts with their lack of knowledge of their own product…

    By SUBnet192 on Oct 21, 2017

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