Another certification…

October 21, 2016 – 10:41 pm

I regularly post about the latest certification exams I took… And today was the first of two for Cisco’s CCNA Datacenter certification.

In my new role, I am doing a lot of Cisco UCS and a bit of Nexus configurations and since I had little to no exposure to these platforms, I wanted to get up to speed with the platforms. With 25+ years experience, i don’t think certifications mean that much anymore but it’s my way to challenge myself to learn new stuff, and have something to show for all the efforts as well. As long as my employers pay for the material/exams 🙂

On my list for the coming months/year are:
– 2nd CCNA Datacenter Exam
– Renew my VCAP (assuming it also renews the VCP) for vSphere
– If I get good hands-on projects, the VCIX-NV for NSX.

So it seems I have a busy year ahead 🙂

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