VMware VCSA Migration

October 17, 2016 – 7:10 pm

Last weekend I completed an upgrade/migration from vCenter 5.5 on Windows to vCenter Appliance 6.0 using the tool provided by VMware.

Everything went fairly smoothly – the migration tool was flawless. I made sure to take care of all the dependencies (vShield, vCOps, 3rd party plugins) first, upgrading them to a vSphere 6 compatible version. For some plugins, I simply uninstalled them, to reinstall later (VUM for example) as there was no particular customization that required saving the database/config.

I did have one issue with AD Integration. After the migration, I wasn’t able to authenticate with my AD credentials. I ended up having to remove everything (In VCSA, leave the domain and remove all AD configurations (groups, accounts, permissions, etc..) and in AD, delete the computer object.

Afterwards, doing everything step by step I was able to bring it back to a functional level. I had read that simply rejoining the appliance would do the trick but not so.

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