VCAP-DCA exam tips

April 18, 2015 – 7:55 pm

I didn’t take the exam yet but here’s some tips to help with command line stuff.

In an SSH session on a host, type in “esxcli esxcli command list” and paste the output to Notepad. A quick CTRL-F for keywords will help you find/remember the right commands. (I really hope notepad is available during the exam!)

Also, some esxcli commands have extra parameters that are not shown when you enter an incomplete command. Add “-?” to get more information

esxcli storage core path stats get” shows you right away the stats for all paths. But to specify one path only, what is the command? “-?” will show you. Might sound simple/obvious but it’s easy to overlook simple things when doing a complex test like this one!


Also, pressing tab twice shows all commands matching what you started typing i.e. esxcfg- will show all esxcfg-* commands. Great when you forget under pressure.



Sorry for the small images – click on them to read them 🙂

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